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Julibao-RC2017 Shuttle ribbon weaving machine

Small Warp Beam Back Structure

Latest design of small warp beam back structure use for shuttle ribbon weaving machine, easy for user to warping and installing.

New back structure able to ensure machine weaving different kind of warp yarn and colors in the same time.

Stainless Steel Shuttle Box

Stainless steel shuttle box in bad weather conditions are not deformation; introduction of import wear-resisting slide path, wear-resistant extended useful life shuttle box, improve product quality.


We improved the design of shuttle and bobbing tube for ribbon weaving, ensure the new shuttle and boobing tube has more capacity of weft yarn, greatly increased the loom efficiency.


Ribbon Width No. of Spaces Ribbon width No. of Spaces
Below 33mm 30 33-50mm 20


Speed: 110-130RPM

Power: 1.1-1.5KW

Dimension & Weight